Our Philosophy


Dynamics Inc was conceived to change the industry by providing the consumer the brands they crave and are excited for. We named ourselves Dynamics,  taking on the meaning of the word as our mission. Dynamics vision is to change the industry and bringing it forward.

We aim to create brands that provide much deeper experiences. But more than that, our diverse brands have unique stories, that resonate with consumer's different identities and values.


Our Story

Our Purpose


Dynamics Inc is the leading beauty tastemaker of Asia.

We are a brand portfolio company that owns, creates and cultivates, brands that are values driven with the aim to accelerate the industry.

Our expertise in brand creation, product development, strategic marketing, and operations, give us the edge in building brands that the market deserves.  Through our original concepts, and collaborations with visionaries, we constantly push the boundaries of the consumer experience by bringing ideas to life.


"Our expertise is to bridge ideas between people and brands. Bringing them to life." -

Didie Nasir, CEO/Tastemaker

Our Team

A team of creative minds and digital natives, sharing the same vision and goals coming together to develop iconic brands and experiences that will redefine the beauty landscape across Asia.